Cupcake & Muffin Size Chart for Bakers & Bakery Clients

Apr 22, 2021

Welcome to Cardinal Cake Company, your ultimate destination for all your baking needs. As a professional bakery, we understand the importance of getting the right size for your cupcakes and muffins. That's why we've created this comprehensive size chart to assist both bakers and bakery clients in selecting the perfect size for their culinary masterpieces.

Why Size Matters

The size of cupcakes and muffins can greatly impact their overall presentation and taste. Choosing the appropriate size ensures that they bake evenly and retain their shape, while also allowing for easy decoration. Whether you're baking for a special occasion or for your bakery, finding the right size is crucial to achieving the desired outcome.

Exploring Cupcake Sizes

When it comes to cupcakes, the size options are varied. Below, we've outlined the most commonly used sizes along with their corresponding measurements:

Standard Cupcakes

  • Medium: Diameter - 2 inches, Height - 1.25 inches
  • Large: Diameter - 2.75 inches, Height - 1.75 inches
  • Extra Large: Diameter - 3.25 inches, Height - 2 inches

Mini Cupcakes

  • Teacake: Diameter - 1 inch, Height - 1 inch
  • Petite: Diameter - 1.5 inches, Height - 1 inch
  • Small: Diameter - 1.75 inches, Height - 1.25 inches

Remember, these are just the standard sizes, and you can always experiment and customize your cupcakes according to your preferences. The key is to ensure that the size you choose matches the occasion and serving needs.

Muffin Size Options

Muffins also come in a range of sizes. Here are the most popular options:

Standard Muffins

  • Regular: Diameter - 2.75 inches, Height - 1.25 inches
  • Large: Diameter - 3.5 inches, Height - 1.75 inches
  • Jumbo: Diameter - 4 inches, Height - 2.5 inches

Mini Muffins

  • Small: Diameter - 1.75 inches, Height - 1 inch
  • Micro: Diameter - 1 inch, Height - 0.75 inches

Choosing the right size for your muffins allows them to bake evenly and ensures that they are not overly dense or undercooked. Adjust the size based on your preferred muffin texture and the baking time you desire.

Considerations for Bakery Clients

If you're a bakery client, it's essential to communicate your desired cupcake or muffin size to the bakers accurately. This will help them understand your vision and deliver the perfect end product. Knowing which size from our chart aligns with your expectations will enable a smoother ordering process and ultimately result in a more satisfying experience for both you and your customers.

At Cardinal Cake Company, we pride ourselves on offering a wide selection of cupcake and muffin sizes to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. From standard to mini options, we have the perfect size for every occasion.


Choosing the right size for your cupcakes and muffins is crucial for achieving excellent results. Our comprehensive size chart provides bakers and bakery clients with the necessary information to make informed decisions. Remember to consider factors such as serving size, occasion, and personal preference when selecting the ideal size for your baking projects.

Trust Cardinal Cake Company to provide you with the highest quality ingredients and accessories for all your baking endeavors. Visit our website today and place your order, ensuring that your cupcakes and muffins turn out perfectly sized every time!

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